Pedagogy Training

Training and Experience with Interactive Teaching, Engaged Learning, Innovation, Ethics, and Interdisciplinarity

August 2019 Attended two all-day workshops at Utah State University: ‘Foundations of USU Teaching’, and the ‘Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference’.
Mar- Apr 2013 One of 10 students accepted into a 5-week long workshop entitled Technology, Pedagogy, & Curriculum, which is offered by Emory’s Center for Interactive Teaching, within the Center for Digital Scholarship.
October 2012 Developed two online, interactive teaching tools with web developer and graphic designer Matt Gilbert, as a part of my HHMI Curriculum Development fellowship:

Meiosis Game to teach sex chromosome sorting in gametogenesis
Steroidogenesis Game to teach how steroid hormones are produced

October 2012 Attended an Ethics of Teaching Workshop sponsored by the Program for Scholarly
Integrity at Emory University.
Feb-May 2012 Attended the HHMI Engaged Pedagogy and Active Learning Workshop at Emory University.
Fall 2010 Student enrolled in IBS500R: The Science of Teaching. Instructor Dr. Pat Marstellar, who is the director of the Center for Science Education at Emory University.
August 2008 Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) Program; A two-day
course covering effective, ethical, and innovative teaching strategies for graduate
students at Emory University.