Funding and Awards

Grants and Fellowships

Jul 2018–Jun 2020 Co-Principal Investigator, NIMH R21MH115680. “Visualization of oxytocin receptor for translational social neuroscience. ($275,000). UC-Davis.
Jul 2017–Apr 2022 Co-Investigator, NICHD R01HD092055. “The neural basis of pair-bonding in female titi monkeys” ($2,905,809). UC-Davis.
Sep 2015–Jun 2017 Co-Investigator, NIMH R21MH110014, “Characterization of oxytocin receptors in autism spectrum disorder” ($220,839). UC-Davis.
February 2012 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Curriculum Development Scholar. This fellowship provides extra stipend support ($6,000), as well as intensive training, curriculum development workshops, and a teaching project. Emory University.
January 2012 Dean’s Teaching Fellowship recipient; competitive fellowship ($18,000) that requires the fellow to teach one 4-credit class of their own design not currently reflected in the undergraduate curriculum and to defend PhD within fellowship year. Emory University.
April 2010 Trainee on NIMH R21MH90776. “Development of a Novel PET Ligand for Detecting Oxytocin Receptors in Brain.” Awarded to PI Larry Young; predoctoral thesis support for Sara Freeman and postdoctoral thesis support for Aaron Smith. Emory University.
Aug 2009–May 2012 Appointed trainee on NIMH 2T32MH073525-06: Integrated Training in Psychobiology & Psychopathology training grant; provided 2-3 years of stipend support ($18,000/yr) plus travel funds. Emory University.


Sept 2019 My postdoc lab won the Lab Safety Award ($,5000) for best lab safety at UC-Davis for 2018-2019. I served as one of the lab safety officers and the radiation safety officer.
May 2017 Winner, Best Talk by a Postdoctoral Researcher, Annual Psychology Department Conference, UC-Davis ($75).
Apr 2017 Winner, 2017 UC-Davis Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research ($1,000).
Apr 2017 Runner up, Best Talk, 3rd Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium, UC-Davis ($100).
May 2016 Recipient of the 2016 Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Excellence Award for the Division of Social Sciences at UC-Davis ($1,000).
May 2016 Finalist, 2016 UC-Davis Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research.
August 2015 Travel Award Recipient, Postdoctoral Scholars Association, UC-Davis ($400). Provided financial support to attend the 11th World Congress on Neurohypophyseal Hormones in Queenstown, New Zealand (Aug 29-Sept 1, 2015)
May 2015 Best Talk Winner, Postdoctoral Research Symposium, University of California-Davis ($500).
March 2015 Finalist, iBiology Young Scientist Seminar Series.
February 2013 Crystal Apple AwardCrystal Apple Teaching Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching. This award was previously only available to professors, but the selection committee made a new category for me as a graduate student based on the nominations from my students. Here is an article about the 2013 awards.
February 2011 Travel award recipient from the exchange program between the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN; Atlanta) and the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB; Indiana University); provided travel funds to attend the annual Animal Behavior conference at Indiana University in April 2011.