Valentine’s Day = Media attention for our research

As a researcher who studies the biology of monogamy, I have witnessed a regular, annual bump in the media attention that our research receives, which always occurs around Valentine’s Day. During graduate school, each February my PhD advisor would be interviewed for various news outlets, be they local or national, printed or video. This year, both my current postdoc advisor and my previous PhD advisor were interviewed for short segments about their research on the behavior and neurobiology of the monogamous prairie vole.

Science of Monogamy, Capital Public RadioFirst, my postdoc advisor, Dr. Karen L. Bales, was interviewed for a ~10 minute radio segment on the California-based, Capitol Public Radio. Follow this link, or click the screenshot to the right, to learn about the Science of Monogamy on their radio show.

Second, my PhD advisor, Dr. Larry J. Young was interviewed by USA Today, as was my friend and previous labmate, Dr. Hasse Walum, who is currently a postdoc in the Young Lab. Senior graduate student and friend of mine, Lanikea King, also makes an appearance! Click on the screenshot below to check out the short (~1.5 minute) video!

Larry Young, USA Today

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